Saturday, April 10, 2010

Waiting for My Life to Start

A few weeks ago, I applied for a receptionist position in Medora, ND. And this week, it was Thursday, I got a letter of "pleased to inform you" and I'm going to work there for the whole summer. I'm only planning on one trip back east, so to speak, for a Twins' game with family in August.
This will be the most brave thing I've done since coming to college.
I don't know of anyone else working there. I've never been there before.
Friends and family have been there, though. When I saw the two random signs for a summer job in Medora on campus I remembered how my aunt sometimes has to go there for work and how cool my cousin's Medora t-shirt was.
Maybe it was too rushed of a decision, but I just want to get away. I've lived in Sioux Falls, on campus, since September 2008. And after I wasn't hired as an RA for next year, my love of my school, which was already fizzling, went out, quite abruptly.
Another reason I want to work there is to go. I've never really gone anywhere by myself. And I figured this was my last summer to do something different. Granted, I'm a receptionist here in Sioux Falls but this feels different. I won't know anyone. I could even reinvent myself out there.
The only cons, per say, are 1) doing my own laundry (but let's face it, I probably should be doing that already) and 2) being ten hours away from my friends and family. I will most likely be homesick for a while but I think this job is just what I need.
I'm really looking forward to hearing people's stories and being inspired by them.
So hopefully, being away for three months, will make my senior year easier to swallow.
"Come on Angie, cats can do this." Kate, Tina Fey's character to Angie, Amy Poehler's character, about swallowing a pill.

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