Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 2

I've been in Medora for about two days now. It doesn't feel like it though; it feels longer. I drove the half hour from Dickinson on Monday around 1:30 so I had an hour to kill before check in. The weather was pretty crappy so I couldn't walk around and take pictures for too long but I did stop in the Western bookstore that is full of books about Teddy Roosevelt and Native Americans and it had some North Dakotan art work as well. Check in included paper work and then a brief tour. Then unpacking. I brought in most of my clothes and the things I thought I would need for the night because it was raining and the ground was muddy. I met two girls, Abby and Emily, at check in and spent most of the night with them. We ate supper together and then we went on a brief walk since it was windy and cold and then we played some fast scrabble. It takes longer with three people and one of them tried to make NUDJ a word.
Today was training. Abby and I went early so we could go to the post office and get a box there. Training was interesting. We watched a video about Harold Schafer, the man who made Medora what it is today. Then we started talking about all the different motels and events that guests will be coming to. I'm going to be in the call center taking reservations and the like. I have some more training tomorrow and then I'll be answering calls on Thursday. I think I will be at the front desk of one of the motels at some point but I don't know for sure.
I don't have a roommate yet but I'll probably be getting one within the next week or so, so I'll have to keep making my bed every morning.
Tonight I went to supper and then took a walk around Medora. Then I watched Glee in the lounge. I missed the first fifteen minutes or so because I was thinking in Central Time. Good thing the tv was really loud so I could hear "Bad Romance" in my room.

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